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Silk blanket for winter

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Net dep cua lo hoa son mai

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sonson enterprise

Vietnamese traditional handicrafts export company

Head office: 41 HangHom, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 0084.4.3928.7871 - Fax: 0084.4.3928.8349 - Mobile: 0084.9.0402.7475 / 0084.9.0404.3478


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August 10, 2004.



P: picture.

Step 1 (2-7 days): Framework, being used of nature and synthetic material as bamboo, wood, ply-wood, pressed paper, composite, pottery, vv [P1, P2].

Buoc 1 (tu 2 den 7 ngay): Moc , su dung cac loai nguyen lieu tu nhien va nhan tao nhu tre, go, go dan, giay ep, composit, gom.v.v.. de tao dang san pham._ A1, A2.

Step 2 (2 days): Make dry and treating as closely connect, protect. And then using coarse-cloth and nature paint to cover product. That make product be strongly, do not curled up [P3].

Buoc 2 (2 ngay): Phoi kho va su ly tho nhu gan, ba, ghep sau do su dung vai va son de bo san pham tao do ben vat lieu va chong co ngot. _ A3.

Step 3 (2 days): Cover product by paint with talcum or soil material (like glue ), make dry, water grind and make smooth [P4, P5, P6].

Buoc 3 (2 ngay): Bo lot nuoc vai ba nuoc son tron dat nhu keo), phoi kho va mai lay do phang _ A4, A5, A6.

Step 4 (2 days): Two-time cover (make decrepit) by paint and talcum or soil mixed. The first time thick- make and water grind, then make dry, we have got thick face [P7}. The second time thick make and water-grind, make dry. That make flat of face-product [P8, P9, P10].

Buoc 4 (2 ngay ) : Hom 2 lan ( ba son tron voi dat hoac bot da ). Lan 1 ba day va khong mai de lay do day_ phoi kho_ A7. Lan 2 ba lay do day, phoi kho roi mai lay do phang. _A8,A9,A10.

Step 5 (1 day): One time cover product by watery-paint, make dry and then fill up fault holes, get flat. Make dry and flat water-grind [P 11, P 12].

Buoc 5 (1 ngay): Lot, dau son loang roi quet mot nuoc long, phoi kho roi ket ( ba lap cho loi lom ) lay do phang , phoi kho roi mai phang. A11, A12.

Step 6 (1 day): The first thick-paint covered, make dry, flat water-grind, one more time fill up fault holes by paint and then make flat water-grind [P13].

Buoc 6 (1 ngay): Thi nuoc 1 (quet mot nuoc son day), phoi kho_mai phang_ phoi kho_ ket nhat ( ba lap cho sot )_ mai. _ A13.

Step 7 (1day):The second thick-paint covered, make dry, make flat water-grind. Finish this step we have half-products, it is called VOC [P14].

Buoc 7 (1 ngay): Thi nuoc 2 (quet mot nuoc son day) _ phoi kho _ mai phang, nhan _ ra ban thanh pham dang tho goi la voc. _ A14.

Step 8 (5 days): Silver-sticking, cover one time of watery-paint as glue, that caused for silver-paper sticking in necessary area (on face or back-side)[P15 to P21].

Buoc 8 (5 ngay): Dan bac la. Dap mot nuoc son mong lay do dinh roi dan phu mot lop bac giay ( bac qui ) vao nhung phan can thiet. Phoi kho. A15-A21.

Step 9 (1.5 days): Silver washing and make first time color-paint, make dry, water grind, make dry and then make design on product as chicken, longevity, 3 writing...[P22 to P 25].

Buoc 9 (1.5 ngay): Mai rua bac _ toat son mau nuoc 1_ phoi kho _ mai. _ve, in. A22-A25.

Step 10 (1.5 days): Make second time color paint, make dry, water-grind [P 26 to P 28]. We have to make the thirst time or more color-paint layer for products except gold and silver color product.

Buoc 10 (1.5 ngay): Toat son mau nuoc 2 _ phoi kho _ mai rua. _ A26-A28.

Toat son mau nuoc 3 cho cac san pham khac ngoai mau vang & bac, phoi kho _ mai.

Step 11 (2 days): Make one time of black-paint at the backside of product, make dry, flat water grind then make dry [P29].

Buoc 11 (02 ngay): Quang ( quet ) mot nuoc son den dang sau hau san pham_ phoi kho _ mai nhan. _ A29.

Step 12 (1day): Polishing product by one kind of starch and substance used for polishing on both side of product. Finish process [P30].

Buoc 12 (1 ngay): Danh bong san pham. Su dung mot loai bot min va si danh bong de danh bong ca hai mat san pham (hoan thanh). _ A30.

Note: Period of the above process and quality of lacquer product do depend on weather. It is right for good weather, not to much raining or so much hot.

Ghi chu: Thoi gian cua qui trinh tren la khoang thoi gian trung binh, thoi tiet thuan loi. Neu mua nhieu, troi am nom thi thoi gian can nhieu hon du tinh.

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