0. New Products
 1. Handle-Bag (T)
 2. Handle-Wallet (V)
 3. Scarfs (KT)
 4. Lamp (D)
 5.Picture (TR)
   a.Dim lacquer picture (TRSM)
   b.Machine Lacquer Picture (TRSB)
   c. Bamboo Picture (TRT)
   d. Brocade Picture (TRV)
   e. Embroidery Picture (TRTH)
   f. Paper Picture (TRG)
 6. Polish Lacquer
 7. Dim Lacquer(SMM)
 8.Machine Lacquer (SMSB)
 9. Bamboo Products (DTR)
 10. Wooden Products(DG)
 11. Oyster-Horn-Bone (DTSX)
 12. Jewelry (JE)
 13. Buppet,Doll,Statue(BRT)
 14. Embroydery products (DR)
 15. Clothes products (DV)
 16. Stone Products (DD)
 17. Sedge Products (CO)
 18. Antique (DC)
 19. Other (OT)
 20. Bead color board (C)
 21. Cloth color board
 22. Lacquer color board
 23. Bamboo color boad
 24.Polish Lacquer Design
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SonSon Enterprise Announcement

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Silk blanket for winter

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5.Picture (TR)
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Sonson Enterprise  
Vietnamese Traditional Handicrafts Export Company 

SonSon Traditional supermarket.


Email  : 

Manager:  Son Ngoc Nguyen

Mobile : 0084 904027475 or 0084 904121672

Viber, Zalo, whatsapp, wechat: 0084 904 027475

Head Office:  37 Hang Be street,  H oan Kiem district, Hanoi Vietnam

  Phone:            0084 24 39263069  

Branch:    14B Lo Su street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Viet Nam

Phone:            0084 24 39287871           

(Add.  41 or 54 Hang Hom street, Hoan Kiem district,  Hanoi, Vietnam  moving to 14B Lo Su street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, VietNam from 4th of May, 2019)